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The president released his vision for America's budget this week, and it was everything we feared.

More for the military and war, and less for everything else - especially the poor.

We've been busy getting the word out. Check out my op-ed on how Trump's budget will hurt us all, but especially the poor at US News and World Report; or read about why his infrastructure plan is a scam at Fortune; or how his lies are paving our way to war, also at US News.

When our president calls for cutting domestic spending by 35% in the next five years, and raising military spending to a share of the budget not seen since 1989, that's bad budgeting.

We must stop the devastation of our social fabric to benefit the military.

To create the change we want, we need to get the word out. You can help by sharing this e-mail, on Facebook or Twitter, or by donating to support our work today.

In solidarity,
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